The binary was probably compiled for either sun4u or Solaris7/8.  I saw this 
error when I tried to run my Solaris 8, Ultra 2 compile on my Sparc 20.

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>Subject: OpenSSH pkgadd installation
>Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 14:13:30 -0700
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>I am having a problem installing the OpenSSH package in one of my servers
>running Solaris 2.6. 
>The pkgadd fails  with the following error messages:
>/usr/local/bin/ssh-keygen: syntax error at line 6: ')' unexpected. 
>ERROR: attribute verification of </usr/local/etc/ssh_host_dsa_key> failed.
>The same failure for all other keys. 
>The server is a sparc4  (sun4M) .   
>I installed the same pakcages in 2 other servers with no problem.
>Can  you please help me identify the problem?

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