ssh-agent from openssh-2.9p2 segfault, but my setup is quite unusual.

I will first explain my settings. I use LTSP. I have a server, redhat 7.0, 
and a client, which mounts its root file system read only from the server. 
On that filesystem there are the unix commands, from busybox, and I also added
ssh, scp, ssh-agent and ssh-add. 

ssh works well on the client.

On the server ssh-agent seems to work well. However, on the client it

My /etc/inittab entry on the client is

6:5:respawn:/sbin/rungetty tty3 -u root -g root /bin/sh

at the prompt, I type
$ ssh-agent
and I get a 
Segmentation fault.

The libraries I use are quite heteroclites, maybe the segfault could come from 

I tried a strace ssh-agent, I get a lot of stuff. It ends with 4 call to
I also tried a ltrace ssh-agent, but I got nothing.

What could I do now ? Maybe I haven't compiled with the right flags, and there
are no debugging informations ?


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