On Thu, 6 Sep 2001, Hampton, Paul wrote:

> You need to run ssh-keygen from the server you are connecting from, copy the
> public key to the file authorized_hosts or authorized_hosts2 on the server
> you are connecting to...

  thanks for the info - I got it working. However it seems theres another
problem. I have a set  of machines which are on a 192.168.*.* network and
I need to be able to do ssh between them without passwd's. So I followed
the advice above, but it does'nt work!

Some facts regarding the network: the id_rsa.pub contains just the
hostname (*not* a FQDN) at the end, where as the HOSTNAME gives a
FQDN. Does this matter? Is gethostbyname() involved at any point? And if
so does it get the answer from $HOSTNAME or DNS? Because if the latter it
would not be able to get a reply from inside the internal net.

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