thanks for all the help to my previous query. I seem to be ahving a very
weird problem which I hope somebody could help with:

I'm running OpenSSH 2.9p2 on RedHat 7.0 kernel 2.2.x
Today I had un installed the rpms for openssh and reinstalled them. I had
also removed my ~/.ssh 
So I regenerated my RSA keys and followed the usual procedeure by copying
them into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2 on the remote machine. But it did'nt
work! It asked me for my passwd.

However when I followed the same procedeure on another remote machine
(where I *had'nt* reinstalled the openssh RPM's) it worked. Below I
include some of the debug output from the failed connect:

debug3: send_pubkey_test
debug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply
debug1: authentications that can continue: publickey,password,keyboard-interactive
debug1: try privkey: /home/rajarshi/.ssh/id_dsa
debug3: no such identity: /home/rajarshi/.ssh/id_dsa
debug2: we did not send a packet, disable method
debug3: authmethod_lookup password
debug3: remaining preferred: keyboard-interactive
debug3: authmethod_is_enabled password
debug1: next auth method to try is password

Apparently it does'nt get a reply back from the machine (that had OpenSSH

It looks like the uninstall - reinstall proceduere is leaving something
behind which is interfering with the whole process. 

has anybody experienced this problem ? Does anybody have any idea about
how to fix it (without reinstalling the OS! I did try a reboot, but it
did'nt help)

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