Actually, that's what I do to give someone a login, without giving them
shell access. I have a hellosh that just gives them a menu whose only
possible action is to log off. I do this to enable user SSHtunnels.
Assigning them to nobody:nogroup should restrict them sufficiently from your
filesystem. Seriously severe restriction can be done by creative use of
chroot, in login init scripts. Use Quota for disk space restrictions.

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|> Subject: access to account without shell?
|> Hy,
|> I have some accounts without login shell (calling a noshell 
|> script) on
|> my computer. I'm concerned that these could be accessed somehow with
|> sftp or similar features of OpenSSH. Is it possible to disable these
|> accounts for ssh? Or otherwise enable just the others?
|> Alexander Werth

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