hey folks, i've got a situation i'd like to use ssh for but i'm wondering if
its appropriate. 

here's the gist...

1) multiple external users are given the ssh keys and account name of a
standard account on a given box
2) when they make a connection they are dumped into a forced command/shell
3) the forced command/shell identifies them (probably via  a custom
password/login) and creates a dynamic directory and moves into it
4) options are presented (put a file, get a file, list files)
5) when an option is chosen (put/get) the HOST/SERVER uses SCP to get/put it
to their machine (i.e. server initiates) using the file name they requested.

my main questions are these:

1) can I initiate HOST based scp inside the script/forced command to
transfer back down to the caller (given that he is currently in session with
me and that there could be multiple independent connections active)
2) if so how? I know scp has some internal flags that can specify the
transfer direction that are normally hidden, or would it be simpler to just
spawn a separate scp?
3) is this feasible in terms of handling the different connections to a
common account. this is essentially the same as john doe having two
connections from boxes A and B to box C and it correctly returning traffic
to A or B, it just happens that john could be one of many using that same

thanks for any input/suggestions.

Brent Thomas
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Optio Software
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