URL: https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/119
Title: #119: Remove unused Attr type

mzidek-rh commented:
Patch: LDAP: Fix debug messages after errors in *_get_send

Patch: LDAP: Removed unused attr_type from users_get_send
I think it makes sense to remove the "TODO: handle attrs_type" comment from 
both users_get_send and groups_get_send.

Patch: LDAP: Remove unused parameter attr_type from groups_get_send
See the previous comment.

Patch: DP: Remove unused constants BE_ATTR_*

Patch: DP: Remove unused attr_type from struct dp_id_data

Summary: The requested changes are only removing comments, so I will run the CI 
on the current code. The acks are not valid until the CI is done :)

See the full comment at 
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