On 03/18/2017 02:39 PM, amit kumar wrote:

sssctl config-check does not show what file contains the problem
    ./src/util/sss_ini.c:578:    ret = ini_rules_check(rules_cfgobj,
data->sssd_config, NULL, *errobj*);
*errobj    =*> This contains errorObjects which are thrown on screen.

# grep -rwn . -e "ini_rules_check"
Binary file ./src/util/.libs/libsss_util_la-sss_ini.o matches
./src/util/sss_ini.c:578:    ret = ini_rules_check(rules_cfgobj,
data->sssd_config, NULL, errobj);
./src/util/sss_ini.c:581:              "ini_rules_check failed %d
[%s]\n", ret, strerror(ret));
Binary file ./x86_64/src/util/.libs/libsss_util_la-sss_ini.o matches
Binary file ./x86_64/.libs/*libsss_util.so* matches        <=Query[where
to find libsss_util.so source code (may be sss_util.c)]
Binary file ./x86_64/.libs/libsss_util.soT matches
Binary file ./.libs/libsss_util.so matches
Binary file ./.libs/libsss_util.soT matches

I know libsss_util.so is created during reconfig & chmake, as it creates

Functions with ini_ prefix are from ding-libs (libini part
to be more precise).

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