URL: https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/345
Title: #345: Improve the situation of recurrent failing CI tests

jhrozek commented:
So are the issues because enumeration hasn't ran yet or because we are in the 
middle of enumeration when the test checks?

In general I would expect the enumeration code to run each period as specified, 
but there might be a bit of processing after the period has concluded and 
before the enumeration results are processed.

Also, I wonder if it was more systematic to instead poll for the sysdb changes 
instead of waiting, maybe that would make it possible to finish the test 
sooner? (I forget if we store the lastUSN in sysdb, but perhaps checking for 
that could be used).

About the second patch, did we have problems with the 15 seconds timeout at 
all? I did see quite a few  issues with smaller timeouts during development, 
but not with the 15 seconds one..

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