URL: https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/345
Title: #345: Improve the situation of recurrent failing CI tests

lslebodn commented:
FYI: here is an example why you cannot blindly increase timeout in test.

Lets assume that we have a failing test which should test midpoint refresh for 
some entry in cache.
Let say that default cache timeout is 2000. I would expect that entry will be 
automatically refreshed after 1000 seconds. But test is failing. Therefore we 
decide to double sleep from 1000 -> 2000 and test will pass. However you will 
not test midpoint refresh of entry. Because entry as not refreshed bit 
"midpoint automatic task" in advance but it was refreshed because it was 

And your commit does not explain why it pass on fedora but does not pass on 
debian. In another word; it is almost the same as disabling test.


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