URL: https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/128
Title: #128: Fix group renaming issue when "id_provider = ldap" is set

jhrozek commented:
So I was thinking about this PR a bit more and I'm no longer sure we can rename 
groups at will. I think we can only support that if we support multiple objects 
with the same ID (which we currently don't and which would be a big task) or if 
we implement some heuristics to see that it's indeed the same, just renamed 
group and not a conflict.

So, I suggest that we, before renaming the group check that at least one of 
these conditions applies:
 - both objects have the same SID
 - both objects have the same UUID
 - both objects have the same originalDN

if these don't apply, then we can't know if the object is the same or different 
and we thrown an error. What do you think?

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