URL: https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/448
Title: #448: common: Correction of cache_req debug string ID format

lslebodn commented:
>This is not fixed. Although it seems nitpicking to me as gid_t, uid_t and id_t 
>as all of those ended up being defined as u32 type anyways ... all of those 
>should use PRIu32 in order to address @lslebodn's comment.

It is not nitpick. Some platform have 64 bit id_t. Therefore we have custom 
string formats for
`gid_t`, `uid_t` and `id_t` And you should not use PRIu32 for formatting 64 bit 
Therefore we need to use the format string which is tight to type (uint32_t) in 
this case. 

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