URL: https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/527
Title: #527: PEP8 Fixes and enable PEP8 check in CI

lslebodn commented:
I would like to also ask whether it make a sense fix pep8 issues in the file 
The file/test will be removed as part of PR #430.
Fortunately, there is already a way how skip checking of pep8 errors in ci 

BTW I tried really hard but I was not able to have "green" results from the 
(I  manually create sssd.conf for local provider, install required dependencies 
python2-sss, python3-sss, sssd-tools, nscd, ldb-tools)

@mzidek-rh, or could you five me a tips how did you ensure that it still works?

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