URL: https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/476
Title: #476: IPA: Handle empty nisDomainName

lslebodn commented:
@sumit-bose, thank you very much for increasing test coverage.
Initially I though that it could be included in sssd git using our internal 
python-multihost `src/tests/python/`. But it is not related where is the test 
but that such test exist.

Test is ready so please push this PR.

> https://pagure.io/fork/sbose/SSSD/sssd/c/859ab248be719eef5d84dbbed27f146f2aa162e8?branch=netgroup_tests

That can be reviewed as a separate PR because that one is IPA specific. I know 
it is a little bit unrelated but I have few tips to your netgroup test. It can 
be simplified a little bit + such version would not work with python3 (because  
'str' object has no attribute 'decode') please create separate pr and I'll add 
comments there.

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