URL: https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/511
Title: #511: Do not shutdown KCM/Secrets responders when activities are 
happening ...

jhrozek commented:
Actually, I have some more questions about the code:
 - why do the first two patches fix code that the subsequent patches refactor? 
Is it to make it clear where the issue is? Or did you consider backporting the 
first two patches to some older branches?
 - I see you added a new dependency python-psutils but only is_running() is 
used. Have you considered implementing a simple version of is_running 
internally? I think just checking for the same PID and the same executable and 
the same running time would be quite OK.
 - The tests you added are nice and it's really great that the coverage is on 
par with the code, but the tests are also slow. 90 and 60 seconds respectively 
is quite a lot. I wonder if you could send a mail to sssd-devel about this in 
case anyone would be irritated by slow tests. I think it doesn't matter how 
long Jenkins is chewing the tests, but if I was hacking on sssd-secrets, I 
wouldn't like to wait for over two minutes for tests to complete the `make 

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