URL: https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/128
Title: #128: Fix group renaming issue when "id_provider = ldap" is set

fidencio commented:
I really failed to understand how to write a test without calling `sss_cache` 
to invalidate the cache as done in 
 ... That was @lslebodn's suggestion.

When I reworked the patches I didn't find an easy wai to have 
sdap_handle_id_collision_for_incomplete_groups() triggered (sorry, I can't give 
you more details from the top of my head) and the test was not passing when 
removing the `sss_cache` commands.

So, seems that there are a lot of things to be understood in this part ... but 
that I'd really need someone's help to do so. If you have the time and the 
willing to do this, please, let me know. We can do this over IRC ... just gimme 
an "one day head's up" so I could try to remember the last state of the patch 
set and then we can talk.

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