When using LDAP backend with a DNS name (ldap_uri = ldap://ldap.my.domain), I noticed that when the 'A' DNS record gets modified, even if the OS resolver is getting the new ip address (command 'host ldap.my.domain' for instance), the sssd resolver [be_resolve_server_process] was still caching the old ldap ip address.

It seems that a sssd restart is necessary (then, on the next request for a non cached entry, a new connexion is made to the new ip address).

I didn't change 'ldap_connection_expire_timeout' which I'm not sure, by the way, to quite understand as if I grep 'Found address for server' in sssd log files, I don't see 15 min intervals.

So my questions are :

- is there a way to flush that cached ip (other than restarting) ?
- without restart, would sssd resolver indefinitely cache the old ip address ?
- why don't I see periodic 15min intervals on 'Found address' in logs ?


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