Do you all know of any other modules or code that might parse other Group 
Policies downloaded by SSSD?  I'm taking a look at the registry.pol file that 
is available in a firewall GPO in the 'Machine' folder of the policy.  It 
appears to be UTF-8 encoded text and likely parse able for direction, ports, 
sources, and destinations that could be translated into an IPtables entry.  
When SSSD gets group policies for the machine, it only gets policies with 
"Security Settings" client side extensions, i.e. just policies that have user 
rights assignments configured, and doesn't appear to download this file with 
the policy when both firewall policy and user rights assignments are present in 
the same policy.  Do you know of anyone doing anything like this or can SSSD be 
made to download this file when it downloads policy for the machine?  Trying to 
not have to reinvent the whole wheel if I don't have to...  Just having the 
file download with all the rest would help a ton.


Todd Mote, MCP, MCSA+Messaging, MCSE |<>
Enterprise Systems Management | Information Technology Services | The 
University of Texas at Austin

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