I'll throw this out there (there's no doubt a myriad of other, likely more reliable ways to do this).

In Puppet, I'm executing a 'join domain' script unless this condition is true:

  unless  => "/usr/bin/klist -k ${::sssd::keytab} | /bin/grep -q 

Check the global keytab file, say /etc/krb5.keytab, to see if "host/yourhost.contoso....@contoso.com" exists. This could depend on how you're joining the domain; "YOURHOST$@CONTOSO.COM" might also be used.


On August 10th, 2017, at 10:32, Eugene Vilensky wrote:

Apologies for the naivete of this question.  How can I test if a machine
already has a successful relationship with active directory?

context: I want to set an ansible fact if it is in fact join and if not execute
adcli to join.

Thank you!

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