On (02/02/18 11:54), Jakub Hrozek wrote:
>In the non-working cases, I see the name qualified where it shouldn't be
>while in the working case, the name in the filter is just 
>This is a bug, but at the same time, there's been a number of commits in
>that area that might fix the bug..
>Since you are running CentOS, I guess you are not worried about losing a
>support contract :-) so I'm wondering if you could test the 1.16.x release
>from our test repos?
>That said, I don't see our 1.16 release in the
>https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/groups/g/sssd/coprs/ repositories.
>Lukas, is building the 1.16 release something we just forgot to do?
Actually not.

1.15 continuously moved to 1.16 and there is not any upstream branch for 1.15
Therefore we have 1.16 in copr sssd-1-15


I know it might be a little bit confusing.

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