Dear SSSD Users,

I configured a samba share with sssd and kerberos against an Active Directory server (Windows 2012 R2)
The share is well working.

I just looking for an adjustement. On Windows client, permissions are displayed like DOMAIN\group for group and user@domain.local for users on files and directories.
I would like it displayed DOMAIN\user for users also (like for groups).

I thought this was possible with adding
full_name_format = %2$s\%1$s
re_expression = (?P<domain>[^\\]*?)\\?(?P<name>[^\\]+$)
in [global] and [domain] section of my sssd.conf

But it does not work...
I flush the sssd cache and the samba cache also (sss_cache -E and net cache flush).

Does someone have an idea ?

Best Regards,
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