MIX channel participants have the option to configure preferences for JID
visibility.    There are some comments on the spec in this area, which I aim
to address soon.

The current specification is formulated so that an implementation can
provide implementation specific per-user preferences, which it offers to the
user through a XEP-0004.

I have been considering the sort of preferences that a MIX channel
participant might have.   These can generally be addressed by choice of
which channel nodes are subscribed to.

I have not been able to think of any additional sensible per-user

I am thinking that the best approach is to  only allowing configuration of
the JID visibility preference and not making this configuration extensible.
I am keen to keep things as simple as possible/sensible.

I'd welcome input here.   If people think extensibility is needed, please
give some examples of the sort of thing that might be done.


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