(also in standards just to trigger the discussion)

The usage of XMPP in IoT is two folded:
98% of the IoT today is covering the need for a company to get their data
into their systems and makers that quickly would like to get some cool
stuff going.
-That is where XMPP usually gets compared to other solutions.

On the other hand XMPP is perfect transport layer for whatever exists
between two peers
-That is where we see the other end of the discussions, just let it be a

The work that Peter W and I started is so much bigger. XMPP was created to
let endusers send  messages between different chat islands, Now It can
bridge old and new IoT systems

(read this and think about the solution for a sec)
*XMPP IoT makes it possible for any company to produce a device sold in
thirdparty store, that an enduser securely can enroll into another company
IoT system. Then, on his command, share the data between different
companies to create a novel IoT Service, Without a centralized backend.*

Using XMPP,  PubSub to send UPnP spcific messages works.
Using an XMPP,adhoc message called "setpoint" with "42" can solve another
A chat message with some nice payload {timestamp:"2016-10-12z12:47:12",
name:"setpoint", value:42} or "hue=42" is useful too.

I Agree that the IoT XEPs feels big, but it's a complex puzzle of different
usecases lets challenge them and battle test them for the different
solutions. We can change/rewrite/make new and put up some best practices
and put on wiki or xmpp.org

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