Hello everybody

Regarding the XMPP IoT SIG deliverable §5:

> The IoT SIG should at a minumum produce an informational XEP
> that provides an overview of the XMPP IoT "landscape"; this document
> could help the XMPP community (including XSF members, leadership,
> and teams) understand the Intenet of Things and especially the
> applicability of XMPP to common IoT use cases.

Unless somebody else volunteers in writing this document, I volunteer writing 
one. Some questions:

·        How is the procedure supposed to be?

·        I write a draft and transmit it to the council for evaluation?

·        Or should it be sent to the iot mailing list?

·        Or should we agree on a disposition first, i.e. what 
sections/subsections to include?

·        Are there any special criteria or considerations that have to be taken 
into account already from the beginning?

·        Is there an interest by any other to co-author? Any preferences 
regarding to sections?

Best regards,
Peter Waher
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