Once again, I’m happy to see the we’re recharging the community ☺
That we’re are moving forward and I hope that we see more minds participating 
in the discussions.

Hi Peter W,

With your extensive background in IoT and as the author of most of the IoT 
XEPs, I think it would be very good and helpful if you can author/co-author the 
XEP. I’m happy to help with what I can. I think we both share the vision of a 
distributed autonomous Internet for Things and this is what will make that 

Let us have the conversation in the IoT mailing list, so we not tire out people 
about IoT, before we even begin the work…. ☺

I’ll send out a mail in the IoT mailing list to get things going.

Peter Saint-Andre and Dave,
Should this XEP be done using the XSF Git?


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Subject: [Standards] IoT SIG: overview informational XEP

Hello everybody

Regarding the XMPP IoT SIG deliverable §5:

> The IoT SIG should at a minumum produce an informational XEP
> that provides an overview of the XMPP IoT "landscape"; this document
> could help the XMPP community (including XSF members, leadership,
> and teams) understand the Intenet of Things and especially the
> applicability of XMPP to common IoT use cases.

Unless somebody else volunteers in writing this document, I volunteer writing 
one. Some questions:

·         How is the procedure supposed to be?

·         I write a draft and transmit it to the council for evaluation?

·         Or should it be sent to the iot mailing list?

·         Or should we agree on a disposition first, i.e. what 
sections/subsections to include?

·         Are there any special criteria or considerations that have to be 
taken into account already from the beginning?

·         Is there an interest by any other to co-author? Any preferences 
regarding to sections?

Best regards,
Peter Waher
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