Also I assume that when this feature is enabled retrieving items as
described at

the response should also contain the publisher with each item. Right?
This should probably be added as a note to ' Item Publisher'.


On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 2:47 PM Stefan Strigler <>

> Hidey ho,
> XEP-0060 states at
>  that
> "If configured to do so, the service can include the publisher of the
> item" as in "<item ... publisher='some_jid'>" but nothing more about this
> throughout the document.
> I assume it's meant as a per service configuration, so either all or no
> node would include the publisher. And I wondered if it wouldn't make sense
> to have that (also?) as a per node configuration option. If so, what
> would/could it look like?
> <field var='pubsub#item_publisher' type='boolean'
>                label='Whether to include the publisher\'s jid with event
> notifications'>
>           <value>false</value>
> </field>
> I'd volunteer to add it to the XEP if people see fit.
> Thanks,
>   Stefan
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