XEP-0234 §5 states, that the last-changed-date of a file must be given
in a UTC timestamp which MUST conform to the DateTime profile from
XEP-0082. However, afaict it doesn't.

XEP-0082 defines the DateTime profile as "CCYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.sss]TZD",
where TZD is '(either "Z" for UTC or "(+|-)hh:mm"' while XEP-0234 §5
gives "2015-07-26T21:46:00" as an example, which is missing the TZD part.

Do I miss something? Otherwise this should be fixed as I know of at
least one client sending the wrong date format following the example in

Greetings Vanitasvitae

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