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I already talked with some of you about a really interesting project that could involve people from the XMPP community or the XSF itself. I really think that this project can brings interest on the XMPP protocol regarding data portability within the European Union and can boost its deployment in related infrastructures and services.

Here is more details about it, if you are interested, please answer this message (or send me a message directly) I'll put you in contact with the responsible of the project.

*What we are applying for?*
„Cybersecurity PPP: privacy, data protection, digital identities“ under „Horizon 2020“, look up at: http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/h2020/topics/ds-08-2017.html
The call at 24th of August 2017.

*What we are planing to do?*
We are planning to develop a best practice implementation of the new user right to data portability (Art. 20 GDPR) based on XMPP within a project duration of 24 months.

*What we are searching for?*
We are searching for a company within the EU that is offering XMPP-based services such as IM, video conference system, IoT etc. to their customers and that would like to participate in a 24-months project that is funded by the European Union. We are searching for a company that wants to participate especially in the designing the architecture, in implementing and evaluating as well as being in contact with the relevant standardization such as XSF. The minimum participation should be 12 person months within the 24-months project (= 1 person works 50% of it´s time on the project, 2 persons work 25% of their time for the project etc.), the maximum participation should be 24 person months.

Pro: The proposal is almost done. The company we are searching for therefore does not need to participate much in the proposal (we only need you to register with the EU Horizon 2020 and send us a description of your expertise and planned work). So its minimal work for potentially a maximum outcome of being funded 24 months.

Con: We need your final decision until 15th of August.

*What else are we searching for?*
We would be interested in the XSF, as an organization itself, to join our project´s External Advisory Board. The EAB would meet twice within the projects duration to discuss the main ideas and outcome of the project. The travel costs of one XSF-member (hotel and plane) to those two workshops can be funded.

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Timothée Jaussoin

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