On Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2018 10:29:18 CET Kevin Smith wrote:
> FWIW, I think this isn’t what the standard already says, although may be
> sensible.

Hmm… I think you are right there. "execute" is equivalent to whatever the 
Responder says in the "execute" attribute on <actions/>. Which unfortunately 
does *not* have a default value. The interpretation of being equivalent to 
"next" is only done in a "typical interpretation" of a requester:

> The action "execute" is always allowed, and is equivalent to the action 
> "next".

(this is the passage which is to be changed) and later on:

> If the <actions/> possesses the "execute" attribute, that value is the 
> default button or option. If the <actions/> does not possess the "execute" 
> attribute, there is no default button or option.

Also, there is (for empty/no <actions/>):

> The action "execute" is equivalent to the action "complete".

So given all that, I wonder whether the proposed wording should be adapted to 
reflect that the value of the "execute" attribute should always take 
precedence over the interpretation of what "execute" means?

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