On 30 Jan 2018, at 08:24, Владимир <m...@boku.ru> wrote:
> They're coming from the user's bare JID via XEP-0356 Privileged Entity. 
> Sorry, I forgot to mention that.
>   <message from='skype.com' to='xmpp.org'><privilege ...><forwarded><message 
> from=exam...@xmpp.org to=exam...@xmpp.org/resource><sent><forwarded><message 
> to=exam...@skype.com>
> The server unwraps the privilege wrapper per XEP-0356 and routes the message 
> as if it were a sender.

If they’re coming from a privileged entity then why is that entity doing the 
carbonsing itself, instead of just sending it bare-JID and letting the server 
do it?

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