On Dienstag, 10. April 2018 10:29:36 CEST Georg Lukas wrote:
> It is this time of the month again. Georg is trying to fix MUC.
> This time, I'm asking the Council to remove GC1.0 support from XEP-0045.


> In case this motion is approved, I'd prepare a PR against 0045 where the
> respective section will be replaced by a stub, and where servers will be
> advised to respond to join-less presence with either <not-acceptable/>
> or a <status code='307'/> presence (I think the former is more elegant).

I’m torn on the specifics and we’ll have to think about the explanations. 
While the former is more clear and elegant, it would possibly require 
additional code in existing clients to make use of. A status 307 + status 333 
may do the trick for that, while not being confusing to conforming clients.

(Bonus independent of the specific approach: servers may remove a presence 
subscription from the roster when they encounter such a presence stanza.)

kind regards,

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