2019-07-10 (expired 2019-07-24)
PASSED (-0:1:+4) PR #797 - XEP-0128: Remove 'unlikely' statement - 
PASSED (-0:1:+4) PR #796 - XEP-0368: clarify what happens when a `.` target is 
published - https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/796

2019-07-17 (expired 2019-07-31)

PASSED (-0:2:+3)
Proposed XMPP Extension: Anonymous unique occupant identifiers for MUCs - 
Dave: +0 (won't block this, but concerned we're introducing a new identifier 
form for endpoint entities, which feels pretty rough)
Georg: +1 (would rather see occupant IDs in the form of JIDs, maybe even passed 
in a 'jid' attribute in the XEP-0045 item tag)
Jonas: +1
Kev: -0 (concerned there's an assumption that it's desirable to effectively 
de-anonymise semi-anonymous MUCs, and a lack of security considerations)
Link: +1

VETOED (-1:0:+4)
Proposed XMPP Extension: Message Reactions - 
Dave: +1 (enthusiastic about the problem space, but expect this will need a lot 
of changes on the way to Draft)
Georg: +1 (it is good enough for Experimental)
Jonas: +1 (details can be ironed out)
Kev: -1 (we need a general way of referencing a previous message for assorted 
things and to use that everywhere, while the reactions syntax is not reusable)
Link: +1 (issues can be ironed out before Draft)

2019-07-31 (expiring 2019-08-14)

VETOED (-5:0:+0)
PR #801 - XEP-0368: clarify fallback behavior on SRV failure - 
Dave: -1 (don't think I like possibly anything about this)
Georg: -1 (agree with Jonas)
Jonas: -1 (inappropriate port choice; doesn't clarify, but changes behaviour; 
contradicts normal SRV working; logically incoherent regarding trust of DNS)
Kev: -1 (don't like it at all; in comparison, #796 seems logical)
Link: -1 (same reasons as Jonas)

PASSED (-0:0:+5)
PR #803 - Obsolete Compliance Suites 2018 - https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/803
Dave: +1
Georg: +1
Jonas: +1
Kev: +1
Link: +1

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