Georg appears to be here, as do Link, Jonas, and Kev.
Kev thinks the only thing for today is the CS-2020 Last Call; Georg points out 
the vote on Message Moderation, which expires today.

Kev attempts to get the voting in motion; Georg requests making the meeting 
structure more formal.
There is an informal commotion.

Jonas takes the opportunity to seize The Chair.

1) Roll Call
Here: Kev, Link, Jonas, Georg
Elsewhere: Dave

2) Agenda Bashing
Jonas notes the LC for CS-2020; Georg adds the upcoming DST change as AOB.

3a) Last Call: XEP-0423 (XMPP Compliance Suites 2020) -
Kev: +1
Link: +1
Jonas: +1
Georg: +1
Dave: [pending]

3b) Advance to Draft: XEP-0292 (vCard4 Over XMPP) -
Pep notes this has been Proposed since February - Jonas thinks it only had a 
single bit of feedback, which was mostly "this looks good" - Zash notes that 
there was discussion prior to the LC, but is unsure whether it lead to changes.

Georg: [on-list]
Jonas: [on-list]
Link: [on-list] (will have to gather data about what has been done and what 
should be done)
Kev: [on-list] (feels like we've done this already)
Dave: [pending]

4) Date of Next
2019-10-23 1500 UTC

Kev won't be able to make it.

5a) AOB i
DST change (EU: Oct 27th; US: Nov 3rd)
Kev suggests SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that Council is pinned to 
European DST.
Jonas notes that Council members are in UK, France, and Germany, all of which 
are subject to EU DST - so the meeting time will be moved to 1600 UTC, starting 
October 30th.

5b) AOB ii
Link asks Council not to formalise formalism for the sake of formally 
formalising formal formalism for formalism's sake - Georg apologises.
Jonas doesn't have a strong opinion, but felt it was the easiest way to break 
out of the meta discussion earlier. Link just felt that things had already 
Kev was trying to the meeting done quickly to have time to review CS-2020.
Jonas apologises for stealing the chair.

6) Eaty Meaty East
Thanks all.

Georg wanted to vote on Message Moderation - Link notes he can still do so 
on-list, and will do the same.
Everyone debates what "close of business" actually means.

WRT 3b, Zash notes

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