Dave warns he will miss at least the beginning of the meeting, but votes +1 on 
CS-2020 for good measure.

Georg will try to chair.

1) Roll Call
Present: Jonas, Kev, Georg
Apologies: Dave
Pre-occupied: Link

2) Agenda Bashing
Georg notes PR #829 - Kev says it's Editorial because it just fixes a typo, and 
so doesn't need Council.

2.1) AOB
Georg asks whether XEP-0392 (Consistent Color Generation) should be part of 
CS-2020 - Kev thinks not, at least for the moment, though sounds reasonable for 
Future Directions.

Zash questions whether 0392 should even be on the Standards Track; Georg asks 
how an XEP gets moved from Standards to Informational - Jonas thinks the Board 
should be consulted, as they have power over XEP-0001 which doesn't include 
this transition. Georg believes the Editor is allowed to change tracks upon 

Kev suggests closing the meeting now, as he's about to disappear.

2.2) Next Meeting
2019-10-30 1600 UTC

[Note that this is now 1 hour later for those not subject to the EU DST time 

Georg reminds everyone to cast their votes.

3) End Of Stream

Link makes another well-timed appearance.

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