1) Roll Call
Present: Kev, Link, Jonas, Dave
Apologies: Georg

2) Agenda Bashing
If Dave remembers correctly, the Last Call on CS-2020 is officially halfway, so 
that's not ready yet.
Jonas adds PR #840.

2') PR #840 - XEP-0060: Clarify unlimited behaviour for node config -
Kev: +1
Link: +1
Dave: +1
Jonas: +1
Georg: +1

3) Next Meeting
2019-11-06 1600 UTC

4) AOB
Dave mentions elections [1] - there are only three candidates for Council; 
please consider standing and poking others to stand. (Council decides on its 
meeting time, so the current slot could easily be changed if it is a limiting 
Kev is reluctant to stand again, due to time limitations.

5) Close
Thanks all.

Georg pops in to vote +1 on PR #840 [noted in-line, above.]

Tedd prompts Council for votes on advancing XEP-0292, before it expires - Georg 
votes +0, Link votes +1, and Dave votes +1; Zash mentions an earlier thread 
prior to the original Last Call [2].


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