Version 0.2 of XEP-0328 (JID Preperation and Validation Service) has
been released.

This specification defines a way for an XMPP entity to request another
entity to prepare and validate a given JID.

* Do not return error IQ result if the string to validate is
        not a valid JID. It is indistinguishable if the error is
        caused by the string to check, or if some other involved JID,
        like the one in the 'to' attribute, is malformed.
* Return the normalized JID in its parts, to make it clear
        which parts constitute the JID
* Do not use text as child of an IQ child element. Using
        text makes it impossible to inject further child elements as
        XMPP disallows mixed content.
* Add support for base64 encoding.
* Always announce the jidprep identity. (fs)


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