StatET is a Godsend and I use it all day long.
In particular, I use the Data Viewer constantly.

Every time the underlying values change after I run some R code, I have to manually close the DataViewer of that data.table and reopen it manually to see the updates contents.  (Occasionally it detects the change and prompts me to refresh or reload it, but usually not except for gigantic data.tables).

Is there any command or key sequence or whatever to force it to refresh?  I have looked in vain but could have missed something.

My second question is whether there is any way to change the default width of the columns or make them auto-adjust to the data?  Many of my columns have IDates in the format 2011-02-11, and the first thing I have to do after opening a table is manually drag to widen all of the date columns so that I can see the end of the dates.

These are minor things but I just wanted to be sure I was not missing any features.


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