Farid Zaripov wrote:
  The list of the fails and reasons here:


I think that OUTPUT status is not a fail (and examples with that
status are not counted
as failed in unix-like platforms, but they are counted as failed on
Windows platform except cygwin).

Oh. We need to fix that. The OUTPUT state is just a note that there
is no reference output to compare the actual output against. The
examples that have no reference output file are designed to produce
platform-specific output. We should try to limit such examples as
much as possible but in some cases (such as limits.cpp) it's not
entirely possible.

I've fixed the fail reasons of the messages example:


For the rest, we should open issues in Jira so we don't forget
to get back to them. limits.cpp should produce the qnan for
Quiet NAN and snan for Signaling NAN on all platforms. (We
already have an issue for rwexcept: STDCXX-293). time_get
looks like a bug (or lack of functionality) in our library,
and time_put like a bug in our infrastructure (I assume the
example assumes a certain time zone and it's being run in
another). The latter could (should?) be fixed by setting
the TZ environment variable time zone to the expected zone
before invoking this example.

codecvt1 should probably be disabled for now (until we figure
out how to get it to work) and it should also be renamed to
something more descriptive. Testing three hardwired encodings
doesn't seem like a good idea for a simple example, so maybe
we could split it up into codecvt-sjis.cpp, codecvt-eucjp,
and codecvt-utf8.cpp.

Let me know your thoughts.


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