From: meghna sukumar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Mon Jul 24, 2006 10:55 pm
Subject: Anti Coke and Pepsi campaign by Youth for Social Change        

Youth for Social Change launched its campaign against the "Killer Colas" on 22nd
July( International Day for Action against Coca Cola) and 23rd July with a rally
and street play at the Besant Nagar beach and Marina beach respectively.

   35 youngsters participated in the rally with placards and banners, raising
slogans appealing to the youth to open their eyes to the atrocities of Coca Cola
and Pepsi as well as its health effects.Pamphlets with all the information was
handed out to the public. YSC members then performed a street play highlighting
environment and human right violations of the Cola giants. At the end of the
street play, the group along with  members of the public took a mass pledge to
boycott these products. Unfortunately, the street play could not be put up at
Marina due to some problems with the police. However, the rally proved effective
in provoking thought among the public there.

   An Aamir Khan look alike also read out a message to the media
claiming that he
will stop endorsing Coca Cola products.

   Around 160 signatures were collected as a petition to Aamir Khan and other
local endorsers, appealing to them to stop their contracts to endorse these
products. These petitons will be sent to all the endorsers soon.

   YSC plans to talke this campaign forward by sensitizing students not only
about Coca Cola and Pepsi but also about the larger issues of corporate
crimes,water privatization and development issues.

   We will keep you posted on our activities and progress. Photographs of the
rally will be put up soon.

   We look forward to your support and guidance.

   Youth for Social Change

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