Experiences sometimes cost a lot. The Americans in Afghanistan have an experience that the systematic help by the secret services to mujahedins in 1989 led to the so much wanted disgrace of the Soviet troops, but it couldn't bribe the further behaviour of the Islamic fighters in the long term. The western secret services - especially CIA - trained the Afghanistan fighters who later turned to be ungrateful and today are wanted as terrorists.

The same thing goes for the Kosovo Liberation Army. Before the Kosovo war, the American, the British and the German secret services ingratiated it, but its remainders after the fall of Milosevic turned against Macedonia. The German Defence Minister, Scharping, in these not very democracy-oriented forces today sees "Albanian terrorists." But, the fighters from KLA have been welcomed guests in Germany for years. Also, the seat of the government in exile of the Kosovo Albanians was situated in Germany from 1996. The German secret service BND opened a seat of its own in Albania. Through them, from 1992 a contact has been maintained with the radical opposition of the Kosovo Albanians. But, when it comes to the secret services, the United States of America soon assumed a more important role. Starting from 1993, the German influence on the militant Kosovo Albanians has reduced, parallel with the strengthening of the American influence.

Belgrade and Paris see this differently. According to French information, the retired Deputy Chief of BND, Kesselring, allegedly interceded in favour of military training of the Kosovo rebels near the Turkish city of Izmir. Kesselring is a son of the General from the German Air Force who during the World War II issued an order for bombardment of Belgrade and also for a certain period of time was a chief of the BND branch office in Izmir. But, the thing that the pro-Serbian circles within the French secret service plant to this renown man from BND is similar to the theory of conspiracy that came from Paris two years ago and according to which the special units of the Bundesver KSK secretly trained the fighters from KLA. Only the retired General Galua doesn't share the same opinion in France. He thinks that Germany with its secret services aimed at destabilizing former Yugoslavia. As far as these claims are concerned, the bad thing is that they cannot be publicly opposed because both BND and KSK work secretly. And as it is a usual thing for the so-called "ongoing operations", no attitude is publicly expressed about KLA. But the "brotherhood in arms" between BND and KLA, as pro-Serbian groups claim, has never existed. It could be better to say that KLA fighters sometimes helped BND in their surveillance of Kosovo, equally as the American Delta Forces and the British Special Air Service did it. It was not BND, but the American secret services that trained the now unpopular "Kosovo fighters for freedom."

source: DW
Web posted at: 5/5/2001 5:34:00 AM (GMT-8)




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