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"Blowback" is the CIA-coined term for an unpleasant reality: foreign mercenaries, trained to fight America's wars so as to minimize or eliminate U.S. casualties, have a tendency to turn against the United States as political situations change. Afghanistan is often cited as the classic example of this reality, and this experience has started to dominate the thinking about the Albanian "bastard army" created by the CIA and the Pentagon for the ground invasion of Serbia under Milosevic. This invasion did not materialize -- the Serb Third Army and police left Kosovo to NATO troops and a United Nations Administration without any real ground combat. One of the basic provisions built into the Serb pullout was the total and effective disarmament of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). It was not implemented.

NATO's "Wathchful Eye"

The KLA "reprisals" against Serb civilians in Kosovo were defined as "justifiable retribution" by the top UN Officer, Bernard Kouchner. Through America's diplomatic intervention at Rambouillet and an air war against the Serbs, Kosovo’s moderate Albanians were completely marginalized in favor of the KLA. This has made any future cohabitation impossible and the KLA proved it via the ethnic cleansing of all non-Albanians from Kosovo, some 300,000 all told, right under the "watchful eye" of the 40,000 NATO troops suffering from self-induced myopia. Over 1,000 Serbs were abducted in a relatively short time and never found (but for one large mass grave). Kosovo became a paradise for white slavers, drug dealers and all sorts of illegal activities. The UN response was to draft the KLA fighters into its constabulary -- the bastard army was still around, and very much in-charge of Kosovo.

99-year Lease

Because the American people are overwhelmingly against U.S. entry into foreign shooting conflicts, nothing frightens the occupants of the White House more than the sudden arrival home of body bags containing GIs. The Albanian militants are keenly aware of this major US fear. The CIA in Kosovo and the commanders at Camp Bondsteel readily perceive this awareness. After making more than just perfunctory noises during the presidential race about disengagement from Kosovo, President Bush has made a volte face. Bondsteel has a new lease of 99 years. It's been decided that the only way to avoid bodybags for American GIs is to help create a Greater Albania without seeming to be doing so.


Macedonia did not have a Milosevic. It did not attempt to expel its Albanian minority. But the Orwellian slogan of "Human Rights" (for Albanians who are denying them to all others in Kosovo) has predominated recently at two secret meetings in Prizren and Piskopelica. This is where American KFOR specialists laid out plans for all Albanian "liberation" armies to start terrorist activities inside Serbia, to follow this up in Montenegro in September and somewhat later in Greece as well. These meetings were uncovered by a reporter from the Serb paper Svedok ("Witness"), who apparently had direct Albanian contacts.

Great Albania

To avoid the body bags, locally destabilizing and shortsighted CIA-Pentagon field-operations are already on the way. For Serbia, under some DOS leaders that are totally subservient to the U.S., there is a new Orwellian "Partnership for Peace." Under its cover, demands have been made to cashier the top Serb Third Army generals familiar with Albanian tactics from Kosovo. One way or another, Albanians will have their Greater Albania. Peacefully where possible, violently where necessary but a combination of the two. NATO will piously mediate.

Imperial Graveyard

In order to impose its will and punish defiance, the Clinton administration weakened a legitimate state fighting an internal threat. No sane person could argue that it was necessary to destroy Serbia’s infrastructure, poison its soil, water and air, kill some 3,000 Serb civilians and maim three times that number in order to turn Kosovo over to to the KLA. The net result is that America's current leaders are afraid of Albanians and are prepared to compound the Clintonite lunacy. The lesser evil would be to have the fortitude to remove all U.S. troops from Kosovo, close Bondsteel down and save billions of dollars -- despite European complaints about the unilateral exit. American involvement in the Balkans has already exposed the U.S. government as an imperial state. It could turn out in the long run that another empire will find its graveyard in the Balkans if interventionist hawks prevail in Washington.

Raymond K.Kent

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