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Dear friends and supporters:

As you know, I'm seeking the position of judge in the Ramsey County District Court, simply because I feel I have a lot to offer. Last week, the Pioneer Press said, "Sifferle has a great deal to offer as a potential judge."

With only one week until the election, my feet are getting VERY sore from campaigning! So I thought I would try to help spread the word through an e-mail. My website has complete information about me and my candidacy for district court judge. If you're interested, please visit it at

I'm wondering if you would consider helping me out by passing this e-mail along to anyone you know who may be interested, where appropriate. Please do not forward it to any state employees at their work address, as this would violate state policy.
Thanks to everyone for your help, support, and encouragement thus far. I'll be sending out real thank-notes after the election!

Patricia Sifferle

P.S. If you are interested in a lawn sign, or in volunteering for canvassing this weekend, please let me know! E-mail me at mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] It's not too late!

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I and, more importantly my sane, wife both endorse and support and wish Ms. Sifferle well in her bid to become a Ramsey County Judge.

John Birrenbach
W 7th Neighborhood, St Paul MN
=== Political & Business Consulting ===
"Six years on the council has trained me to feign interest for long periods of time"
Chris Coleman Jan 21, 2004
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