strace-devel mailing list has been moved to the new home.

Last few years we experienced problems with long delays in email delivery,
last 10 days we started to lose emails and wait for several days for email
delivery.  We could have moved the mailing list earlier if our previous
hoster provided us with the list of subscribers and a usable archive,
but, unfortunately, they refused under the pretext of "legal and privacy
reasons" [1][2].  Despite of these obstacles, we've managed to reconstruct
the mailing list archive from private copies, the new archive is available
at https://lists.strace.io/pipermail/strace-devel/.  We've also managed
to reconstruct the most of subscribers database from previous mailman

Please check your subscription options and re-subscribe if necessary
at https://lists.strace.io/mailman/listinfo/strace-devel .

Unfortunately, these efforts took a lot of our time and seriously damaged
the patch review process.  I apologize to those of you who has been
waiting for your patches to be reviewed, we'll hopefully clear the backlog

[1] https://lists.strace.io/snapshot/sf.net/site-support-16538.html


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