Any more suggestions, anybody who used an image as a
button with an action defined? God why do the clients
need an image for a button? 


   "Mattos, John"  wrote: Could you do the
border="0"/>Reset and submit work fine, but you need
to implement the cancel to dowhatever you need it to
do.Is that overly simplistic?John MattosSr. Developer
and ArchitectiNDEMAND345 Hudson St. 16th FloorNew
York, New York10014-----Original Message-----From: KM
[mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]Sent: Friday, February 22,
2002 10:27 AMTo: Struts Users Mailing ListSubject: how
to use an images for submit, cancel button etc HiI am
trying to develop a page where the user has toselect
options from a drop down box and either clickssubmit
or cancel. The submit and cancel options areimages
instead of a buttonFollowing is my
value="Delete"> here instead of the save, reset,
cancel buttons Iwould like to user save.gif,
reset.gif, cancel.gif etc.How to set up struts to use
this.. Any tips on how to do this is
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