Hi. I'm using html:img in certain tiles that are used from very different places in my application with the "page" attribute to take advantage of module-relative naming for the image sources. However, when cookies aren't enabled, or on the first visit to the web application (with no session cookie having been previously detected), the ';jsessionid=X' gets added to the end of the image. Now, I'm not driving any dynamic images, nor do I intend to, so this sessionid is worthless to me. Furthermore - since I'm using Apache+Tomcat+mod_jk to serve this application, Apache seems to choke on serving up this image. I expect its because the sessionid is delimited by ';' instead of '?' as I'm used to, but maybe not.

Either way - does anyone know of a way to get around this? If possible, I'd prefer not having to do anything special in the Apache conf, mainly because I'm using the auto-generated mod_jk conf file for this configuration.


Brice D. Ruth
Sr. IT Analyst
Fiskars Brands, Inc.

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