Been screwing around with this all morning, and can't seem to find an

I've got two radio buttons on a form.  If the user clicks the second radio
button, I need to force the value of a following <html:select/> to a
specific value, and disable the select.  So, using JavaScript, on my radio
button I fire an onclick event that run a real simple javascript function.
In this function I've tried using 

        document.formName.selectVar.value = <default value>     // is
accepted, but the <default value> isn't passed to my form bean
        document.formName.selectVar.option[0].selected = true   //  ditto
        document.formName.selectVar.option[0].value = <default value>
// ditto
        document.formName.selectVar.option[0].isSelected = true         //

JavaScript seems to accept all of these formats, but the setter method in my
form bean for 'selectVar' is never getting called.  This is going to be a
'Doh!' moment, but how do I do this?


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