This guy has recently been posting for help to comp.lang.java.help.   Now he
would like to pay someone.

Is .it Italy?


>"Max" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> hi to all, can you help me with the realization of a simple app, without 
> business layer, only struts...for a simple polls app?
> i will pay! its very very important, i need it quickly!
> i have posted many times, and i have tried to learn quickly...but not 
> work, i will pay you! its very very important! can you help me?
> i want areas as containers for the various survey...
> example:
> area computer
> ...survey1:
> ...survey2:
> area food
> ...survey1:
> ...survey2:
> the areas are container of the survey object, i will need to comunicate 
> with ejb for business logic...
> sorry..if i am insistent..
>Shane Mingins
Analyst Programmer
Assure NZ Ltd
Ph 644 494 2522

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