Unfortunately, this documention *is* out of date with the sample
It has been noted as something that needs to be done but no-one's found
time to do it yet.

The tutorials page
(http://jakarta.apache.org/struts/resources/tutorials.html) lists some
Rick Reumann's tutorial is worth a look.


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> From: Steven Woody [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: October 29, 2003 10:27 PM
> To: structs-user
> Subject: "A Walking Tour of the Struts Example Application" does not
> match the code!
> Hi, list
> The "A Walking Tour of the Struts Example Application"
> (MailReader example) seems not to match the code come with
> release 1.1.   A few minutes after I began to read the
> document, I got:
> --- cut ---
> If you check the application's web.xml, you will see how
> these objects are loaded. The message resource is loaded by
> the application parameter to the ActionServlet. When the
> ActionServlet initializes, it parses the
> ApplicationResources.properties in the package folder into
> the default message resource. If you change a message in the
> resource, and then reload the application, it will appear
> throughout the application.
> --- end ---
> But in the web.xml, I dont find anything to loading those
> mentioned objects and message resource.  They are loaded in
> the strut-config.xml in fact.
> I'm new to Struts, so a begining example is very important
> for me.  Is this a version conflict?  Where is the correct
> tour for the MailReader example?
> --
> Steven Woody

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