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> Hi James,
> I've studied your solution, and I've noticed that you use a 
> different connection
> to the database and not the one that should be availble in an struts
> application, and I think that could be a point of failure. 

No, actually you have that part wrong.  See, my extension uses OJB which
is configured from it's own xml file and not from the struts-config.xml.

Using the existing API (without any special hacks), you have no 
way to pass a connection, the DataSourceConfig, or even get at 
the ModuleConfig from any subclass of MessageResources.  That's why my
solution works without requiring any special coding.

My extension is designed to run independently of your application's
persistence mechanism(s), but if you happen to be using OJB, it's 
all good.

Somewhere on my todo list, is to implement the same extension using each
of the major ORM frameworks.  But like all things, it takes time, and
since I can't put food on the table writing Struts extensions, it'll 
have to wait.

> That is why I'm
> trying tu use the same connection pool as the rest of the application.

If your app used OJB, you could do exactly that.

> Ovidiu

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