I have a bean I persist with Hibernate. It's properties are:

2 Floats
1 Integer (the key)
2 Dates

Now, relying on my handy dandy copies of Struts KickStart, Struts In Action, 
and all of the Web, I'm apparently supposed to declare these methods in the 
Form I am using as Strings since automatic type conversion can fubar them.

But Since the JSP I am using is getting these fields with html:text fields, I 
apparently am supposed to have methods in form to do the type conversion for 
me. Okay, that's light years better than putting this in the business layer, 
but fine.

Is there an Automatic way I can get a DynaBean to do this for me? Maybe a Get
(prop, type) and get(prop, type, value) for the types youd find in java.lang?

If not, there should be, because it limits what a DynaBean can do in a big 
kinda way. Why have a type declaration in the DTD if youre only ever going to 
want to use String and String[] ? :-)

I mean, it's not like I couldnt add such a set of methods to my 
DynaValidatorActionForm subclass, but what I'd want is for the framework to 
use them for me without me needing to know about it. (I dont ask for much, do 

If not, I'd like to continue to use my Subclassed DynaValidatorActionForm 
anyway, but I am wondering if it is going to be self-defeating to declare 
custom getters and setters for properties that are declared in struts config? 
Should I just use it as a non-dyna form?

Maybe I've been up too late (okay, I have) but it's the little things like 
this that makes me feel like Struts is creating work for me rather than 
saving me from it. 

Tx for indulging my sleepy rant.

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